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  1. Science Academies as National Advisors on S&T Policy: The experience of the US National Academy of Sciences. Prof. Dr. Michael Clegg, Foreign Secretary, US National Academy of SciencesMay 12, 2013, Sunday (Baisakh 29,2070).
  2. The talk was delivered by Prof. Donald  Jarvis, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming entitled,  ”Baculovirus” Insect system for recombinant protein expression  on  Monday May 22, 2013 (6 Jestha 2070).
  3. Training Program on Promoting Culture of Inquiry in Microbiology Teaching and Research”, from Bhadra 2-3, 2070 (Aug 18-19, 2013), University grants Commission.
  4. Elimination of visceral leishmaniasis through multidisciplinary research. Prof. Dr. Greg Matlashewski,  McGill University, Canada, CDM, TU, Kirtipur on 24 September, 2014.
  5. Genetic Engineering for Abiotic Stress in Plants, Speaker  Prof. Dr. Neera Bhalla Sarin, F.N.A.Sc., Former Dean, School of Life Sciences
    Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-110067. INDIA, Laboratory of Genetic Manipulation for Stress Alleviation and Value Addition in Plants,     Oct 30, 2014.
  6. Conservation through utilization project for Nepal. Prof. Dr. Kaspar Bienefeld, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. Jointly organized by CDM and Natural History Museum, T.U. 9th March, 2015.
  7. A  talk on AMR / Antibiotic Stewardships related issues, Prof. Dr. John Ferguson, NHE health, Australia. 22 Apr 2015.
  8. Heavy metal arsenic contamination in drinking water in Terai. Dr. Linda Smith, Previous Fulbright Visiting Professor, Director, Filters for Families, University of Denver, USA, 2015.
  9. Diversity of natural products – a personal journey. Dr. Venugopal Mukku, Associate Professor, Maths, Science and Technology Department, Minnesota University Crookston, USA, Dec 20, 2015.
  10. 'Cytochromes P450: Investigation for physiolological and industrial applications', Dr. Yogan Khatri, Department of Biochemistry, Saarland University, Campus, Saarbrücken, Germany. 23rd Dec. 2015.
  11. Recent trends in biotechnology, Prof. Dr. Arvind Madahvrao Deshmukh, Head, Microbiology Department, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Osmanabad, President, Microbiologists Society, India, 14 Apr, 2016.
  12.  Chemical inhibition of CAAX protease activity disrupts yeast RAS location. Dr. Surya Prasad Manandhar previous faculty of Central Department of Microbiology, TU. Date: 16 June 2016 Thursday; Time: 1pm; Venue: CDM, TU
  13. Molds and human health. Prof. Dr. Achyut Prasad Sharma, 26 June 2016 Sunday; Time: 1pm; Venue: CDM, TU
  14. Structural and mechanistic insight on adherence polymorphism in Helicobacter pylorii, Dr. Suresh Subedi, 4 July, 2016, Time: 1pm, Venue: CDM TU
  15. Structure activity relationship studies on inhibitor of alfa-trimitripsin. Dr. Bishnu Marasini. 17 July, 2016, 1pm, CDM, TU

 16. Prof. Dr. M. Tofazzal Islam, Ph D (Fellow of Commonwealth, JSPS and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) Professor, Department of Biotechnology Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, Gazipur-1706, BANGLADESH

"Genomics and transcriptomics approaches for understanding biology of wheat blast pathogen
Magnaporthe oryzae pathotype Triticum." at CDM, TU at 11am 28th July, 2016.

17. Talk by Dr. Ajay Paudel  entitled " Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains of Nepal". 2nd Sept 2016 Friday at CDM, TU at 1pm.


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