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B.Sc. degree holders

  Graduation with a B.Sc. in microbiology will  help to qualify for many technical, research environmental, and clinical positions.  Some include:

—  Research Assistant – A key player to research teams, providing technical support to conduct research.  A research assistant participates in a team with a director and a scientist as well as marketing, administrative, and sales professionals.

—  Food, Industrial, or environmental microbiologists, quality assurance technologists -Identifies disease or harmful causing microorganisms in water, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, and environmental products.  In addition, they check for the quality and safety of vitamins, vaccines, antibiotics, antiseptics, and disinfectants.

—  Clinical and veterinary microbiologist, medical technologists – Identifies disease causing microorganism in humans and animals.

Masters Degree

—  A masters’ degree will broaden career choices in marketing, sales, administrative, teaching, and technical support positions.  Opportunities include:

►Supervisor or laboratory manager – Supervises day to day activities in a variety of laboratories.
►Research manager or associate – Performs experiments and provides technical support to the research teams.

►Instructor – Teaches courses at the community and junior college levels.

Doctoral Degree

—  Scientist – Formulates hypotheses for experimental investigation, conducts research, and trains students and laboratory personnel.

—  University or college professor -  Teaches in the classroom or laboratory, trains students, conducts research, and performs community service.
Academic science administrator – Serves as college or university dean or in other administrative positions such as vice president or president.

—  Research director – Leads a research team that explores and tries to understand unanswered questions and unproven theories.

—  Corporate executive – Oversees part, or all of, a company such as a biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agricultural or environmental agency.

—  Science advisor or administrator – Leads programs concerned with safety of new devices, food, drugs and chemicals, and helps influence laws, regulations, and research for government agencies.


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